Maine Seafood Ventures is Charting a better Course

Maine Seafood Ventures, LLC, of Portland, Maine, is proud to offer a global supply of all natural, sustainably harvested seafood products from the Gulf of Maine. Our core product — whole frozen lobster — promises the same great dining experience to the consumer as live lobster, while also offering many advantages for the buyer, including consistent availability, more predictable cost, and easier and longer (up to a year) storage. We direct source our supply. We use the most advanced processing methods to preserve fresh taste, texture, and nutrients. And we ensure dependable delivery of our whole frozen lobster — and other premium Gulf of Maine seafood products — to discriminating buyers worldwide.

Our wild-caught lobsters are fished sustainably by independent, local lobstermen out of the cold, clear waters of the Gulf of Maine.

At the waterfront facility of our direct-sourcing core partner, Ready Seafood, we apply unique, proprietary grading techniques to carefully hand-select the highest quality lobsters.

We use the most effective processing and packing technologies available to protect the lobster and preserve texture, taste, and nutrients.

Our seamless cold chain and proven, cost-effective transport partners ensure dependable delivery of high-volume shipments by truck, air freight, or ocean container.

The proven, preferred supplier to some of the largest food distributors in China and Europe, we can reliably bring our custom, quality product to your corner of the globe.